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Spanish translation services for workers'

safety & health and other key issues 

Critical information

needs full understanding 

Understanding workers' rights and workplace safety and health information is a matter of life and death. That is why we are dedicated to accurate translations that fully convey meaning across Spanish-speaking sub-cultures, creating glossaries for each of our clients to have consistent language throughout your messages. 

Precise and Consistent Translations

We understand design as integral part of written communication.

Our baseline is sending you back text that is formatted as you sent it: respecting font, emphases, and hyperlinks. We can also redesign brochures and slides for bilingualism using the original format (i.e. PowerPoint or Canva). 

Design for Communication 

Our Services

Why we do our work?


Language is an avenue to empower and connect people.  


We are Spanish-speaking immigrants, and we are inspired by our own process.

We want to facilitate the generation and exchange of English-Spanish content, especially workers but also to all who are at the service of our community and connected with struggles for human rights.

We can't thank you enough for your incredibly helpful, extremely well done and always timely translation. You've been playing such an important role in our organization and we are so grateful!

Marcy Goldstein-Gelb

National COSH

Thank you for the excellent and responsive work; I'm happy to be a reference any time, and I am sure the UALE network will continue to call on you.

Mary Bellman

Client Review

Our Customers

We are three: one mother and two daughters. Family in this life and all the ones ahead. We all love language (yes, that also means we talk a lot) and are passionate about social justice and human rights. 

Our Team.

A social communicator by training, customer experience designer, and a crazy plant lady. Andreína is our co-founder and serves our team as the main translator and bilingualism designer. 

Andreína Acuña

Translator and Designer

An educator, mother, and avid reader who got dragged into the family business and spends her "retirement" translating for social justice. 

Marianela Arreaza

Translator and Editor

A workers' rights organizer, facilitator of participatory learning and decision making, translator and interpreter. She is our co-founder and biggest cheerleader. 

Marianela Acuña

Co-founder and Cheerleader

You may be


  • Why should we translate our materials?
    Protect workers: Full understanding of health and safety messages is vital for workers to be able to correctly implement and protect themselves and each other from harm. Build with language justice: All people should have the right to communicate in the language in which they can best understand and express themselves. We are here to facilitate that.
  • What types of materials do we have experience translating?
    We translate text from English to Spanish in many different formats: Documents, reports, booklets and books Presentations, even when slides redesign for bilingualism Social media content News articles
  • Who do we translate for?
    Social justice organizations Universities Organized groups Activists Trade unions
  • How could you get an estimate?
    Contact us through the form or by writing directly to We can give you a response in less than 24 hours if we know the word count and design needs.

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